Greg and The Merchant of Middleton 1
The Unadulterated BS Podcast welcomes their first guests of their new era as "The Merchant of Middleton" Nathan Johnson and Greg Dzidosz join the show. During this episode, we dive into the origin of Nathan's nickname, make fun of him with his significant other present and play a game of Vs. The Urban Dictionary with our guests.

Vol. IV, Episode 03 – Greg and The Merchant of ...

Our country decided last night that it was tired of the status quo. It decided that it was time for drastic changes. That it was no longer going to tolerate jobs being sent overseas, or a struggling working class that is slaving away at longer hours and less pay. A […]

Red or Blue: Does it really matter in the end?

[dropcap]I’m[/dropcap] sure everyone has had a moment, or moments, in your life that stand out to you. A moment where things sort of fell into place, or a great mystery of some sort revealed itself to you. I mean, I think those times in life are what we strive for […]

Moments or What I Learned Watching Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man

Vol III, Episode 03 – It’s Real Good, Pal 1
For the first time since we've returned, The Unadulterated BS Podcast features a guest sitting in. Heidi Gruber, Melissa's best friend and Brian's nemesis, sits in on a spirited, though extremely delayed, edition of the podcast.

Vol III, Episode 03 – It’s Real Good, Pal

Episode 04 - The Wedding Chronicle
On episode four of Brian & Mel Get Married, we discuss wedding registries, their history and some tips for setting up your personal wedding registry.

Episode 04 – The Registry Chronicle

Brian & Mel Get Married #3 - Be Our Guest
On episode three of Brian & Mel Get Married, Brian & Mel provide tips and tricks on creating the guest list that you want for your upcoming wedding.

Episode 03 – Be Our Guest