Episode 03 – Be Our Guest

Episode 3 – Be Our Guest

On episode three of Brian & Mel Get Married, we discuss making your wedding guest list. Mel drops some knowledge in regards to how you should go about trimming your guest list by giving you some simple rules when putting your list together. Brian attempts to be funny as he knows very little about making up wedding guest lists. To help any guys listening to our wedding experience and advice podcast, Brian compares creating a wedding guest list to NFL Training Camp cutdown day. Mel cuts this misplaced association with a flow chart that can be used to cut down your list. In addition, Brian & Mel discuss communicating with your family and setting limits for both them and yourselves when working on you guest list. Brian again tries to give an analogy, this time using satellites and outer space. It also does not go well. Things end with Brian suggesting a contest wherein podcast listeners could show up on his side of the guest list because, well, contests are fun.



Tips for Making Your Guest List

How to Simplify the Wedding Guest List

Wedding Guest List Manager

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