Brian & Mel Get Married

This is a podcast about getting married. Brian and Melissa have a little over a year to plan and execute their wedding. Join them as they give opinions, suggestions and outright lie about how to pull off this huge undertaking.

Location. Location. Location. 2
On episode two of Brian & Mel Get Married, we discuss location, location, location. Mel brings the knowledge on the when, what, where and why in regards to booking your wedding location(s). Brian brings the obvious questions and pitiful attempts at terrible jokes. In the end, we give you some information on our thought process on when to book your wedding location and what questions you need to ask when looking at the different possible wedding locations.

Episode 02 – Location. Location. Location.

BMGM - Episode 1 - The Introduction
Brian & Mel Get Married is the story of the journey to our wedding day. This is the introduction to that story. Meet Brian & Mel and find out what's in store over the next year plus of podcast episodes. Though not experts, we hope that our experiences in planning and executing a wedding with a limited budget and only 408 days can help you in your future or entertain you in the present. This is what happens when Brian & Mel Get Married.

Episode 01 – The Introduction