Episode 02 – Location. Location. Location. 2

Location. Location. Location

On episode two of Brian & Mel Get Married, we discuss location, location, location. Mel brings the knowledge on the when, what, where and why in regards to booking your wedding location(s). Brian brings the obvious questions and pitiful attempts at terrible jokes. In the end, we give you some information on our thought process on when to book your wedding location and what questions you need to ask when looking at the different each location. When looking for a location, Brian & Mel give you some Do’s and Don’ts. We also unveil our own tentative plans for our own wedding location(s).

Remember, through research and our own experiences, we provide this information as is and do not claim to be wedding or marriage experts. In the end, we hope you can find our experiences helpful in thinking about or planning your own wedding.


Every Single Question You Need to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before You Book It

10 Dos and Don’ts of Booking Your Venue

Don’t Delay: Three Reasons to Choose a Wedding Venue as Soon as Possible!

Wedding Reception Etiquette: When to Find the Reception Venue?

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