Vol. III, Episode 01 – The Institution Returns 1

The Institution Returns

After a long dark period, the podcast that has mildly entertained tens of people returns… The Unadulterated BS Podcast is back… Again… For the second time. Ok, I think you get the picture. The Institution of comedy/pop culture podcasts (given that you only look at a certain geographical area of less than 25-50 square miles) is back. Are you ready for some more BS?

Brian and Melissa start the show explaining the return of The Unadulterated BS Podcasts and our new home at thedarkravine.com. Talk quickly turns to a beer discussion which sheds light on the recent gluten allergy diagnosis for Melissa. With the talk of bowel-churning grains out of the way, Brian describes the horror and atrocity that is his 11-year old daughter’s dance recital.

We turn to This Week in BS and discuss everything from child support to breastfeeding, after which, it’s time to play the hottest game show to hit podcasting… Vs. Urban Dictionary. After Mel is quizzed on gross terms from urbandictionary.com, we wrap up the show and do all the social media pimping you have come to know and love.


Did You Hear About the Dude Who Got Breast Implants To Win a $100,000 Bet?

Italian court rules divorced chef can pay child support in pizza

This Woman Would Rather Breastfeed Her Boyfriend Than Work

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The Friendly Monster Shop (The Zombie Dandies) / CC BY 4.0

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Father of three, plus two more. If my math is correct, that's five. Asking how that came to be is a story best heard. Professional underachiever who has been podcasting since 2010 as host of The Unadulterated BS Podcast.

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