Vol. IV, Episode 01 – Under Duress for $37 1

We’re back with the start of Volume IV of The Unadulterated BS Podcast thanks to… contractual disputes?

Our show starts with the explanation of the letter that was received that kickstarted the return of podcast. Needless to say, Melissa is not pleased. Brian attempts to distract from the letter by going on an Urban Dictionary diatribe.

Brian and Melissa discuss what has happened since our last recording/episode. The discussion quickly turns to the recent presidential election and our new president-elect, Donald Trump.

We then turn to This Week in BS (see below for links to all of the stories that we discuss during this episode).

This Week in BS

After This Week in BS, Brian makes an ass of himself by making voices while Melissa tells him he sounds vaguely like a leprechaun. We end the show on that note.

What does the new management of The Dark Ravine Productions have in store for our two unlikely heroes? Who is this mystery producer they promised and when will they appear? Stay tuned next week for more Unadulterated BS!

Music used in this episode

Lo-Fi Heroes by The Zombie Dandies is licensed under a Attribution License.

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Father of three, plus two more. If my math is correct, that's five. Asking how that came to be is a story best heard. Professional underachiever who has been podcasting since 2010 as host of The Unadulterated BS Podcast.

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